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Extreme Adventures

From surfing to skating, to shark diving and parachuting, ACCESS Africa has everything any extreme sport or downhill adventurists would dream of doing. While the extreme sport regime is still developing in South Africa, what we lack in experience we make up for in enthusiasm.

Great White Sharks:
White Shark Ecoventures invites you cage diving with great white sharks in the aptly named “Shark Alley”, near the fishing village of Gansbaai, South Africa.

Sharks are quite possibly the world’s most feared animals. From the smallest sand shark to the enormous whale shark, they are sleek, muscled, and some are almost as agile as a dolphin. There is no doubt that they are the most evolved predators in the ocean. Row upon row of teeth and capable of sensing the blood of an injured animal from over a kilometre away, its not surprising that they are the most feared creature beneath the waves. And of them all, the Great White is the most awesome.

White Shark Diving:
What we are offering you is the opportunity to dive and meet a Great White Shark, face to face – and on your own terms. Its an education and you will soon learn that this magnificent creature is in fact, highly misunderstood. It is a creature which should be more respected than feared. And if you spend some quality time with us, and with them, you will quickly learn why.

Shark Dive Training (Scuba Course) R 500.00 p/p (3hr dive training, includes return transfers from Cape Town, all diving gear, 5mm wetsuits, light lunch and drinks). This is the minimum qualification required, before any person can dive in the cage. Should you already have a scuba diving certification of any sort, this would acceptable to dive in the cage.

From R 1100 per person per day (full day tour, inclusive of return transfers)

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